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Digital Ascent Live Round - Facebook track

Course description

Our digital strategy & marketing course will give you the tools, knowledge & direction you have always wanted or have been struggling to find.

In 10 weeks you will turn your business into a client attraction machine. This course will teach you how to position yourself as the GO TO business in your market. Not only will you become a magnet for your dream client, you will also know exactly how to measure, track and convert more sales!

As Digital Marketers & successful business owners, we want your business to grow & prosper as much as you do!

  • Learn what digital aspects your business needs to GROW PROFIT and succeed, and how to make them all work together!
  • Learn how to effectively engage with your customers – in-depth coaching on email marketing, websites, social media, blogs AND how to convert all of these into sales!
  • Understand why content is the number one thing you need to get right, AND how to do it!

With a mix of on demand videos, course workbooks, handouts, cheat sheets and templates, as well a private Facebook group, ongoing alumni Facebook group and 2 moderated chats, this course will provide you with all the inspiration, knowledge and mentoring you need to create your OWN digital strategy for you business.

Our course director and head sherpa - Leanne O'Sullivan will be your guide, mentor and will undertake to do all the heavy lifting to get you to the top of your Digital Summit.

Come with her, you will be amazed at the view from the top!

Leanne O'Sullivan

Leanne O'Sullivan

Digital Strategist, Creator and Founder

Leanne has been sharing her knowledge and the power of the web, social media and search optimisation with our clients for well over a decade. An accomplished public speaker, digital strategist and creative thinker, Leanne enjoys empowering people with the skills and knowledge to make their business an online success!

Presented by Leanne O'Sullivan

Course Includes

36 Videos

1 Survey

19 Texts

3 PDFs

12 Audios

10 Disqus


48.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

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