Facebook Advertising for Beginners
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Facebook Frontier

Course description

Learn how you can target the right kind of people inside Facebook

In this 1 hour webinar, Leanne O'Sullivan from the Summit School will walk you through the key basics of Facebook advertising so that you can start to tweak what you do right now to achieve better results.

What You will Learn in the webinar

Understanding the Facebook pixel and why you need to have this embedded immediately
How to promote your Facebook page and why a long term, minimum spend is worth it
How to add a call to action to your ads and boosted posts
Budgetting tips for your ads, you will be surprised at what you need to look for
How to choose the right posts to boost and why you shouldn't just boost anything and everything
The right way to promote traffic to your website
What is retargetting and why is it so important for your business
A sneak peak at the Facebook Frontier online program - how this can benefit your business

Leanne O'Sullivan

Leanne O'Sullivan

Digital Strategist, Creator and Founder

Leanne has been sharing her knowledge and the power of the web, social media and search optimisation with our clients for well over a decade. An accomplished public speaker, digital strategist and creative thinker, Leanne enjoys empowering people with the skills and knowledge to make their business an online success!

Leanne O'Sullivan

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Welcome to my free Webinar - Facebook Advertising for Beginners