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The Digital Compass

Get started on the right path with the Digital Compass | taught by Leanne O'Sullivan

Course description

Are you a smallbiz owner on the path to business success, but tired of being shown the wrong map?

How about I equip you with a FREE Digital Compass so that you can get your bearings & get started on the right digital marketing strategy for YOU to grow your business online.

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Learn what elements you need to have for a successful digital strategy

  • Know how to define your ideal customer
  • Understand the personality of your brand or business
  • Start planning content that won't waste your time
  • Understand what tools and tactics you really need (& not what you think you need)
  • Get a handle on your business goals and start to think about how your digital goals need to be in perfect alignment with them

Leanne O'Sullivan
Leanne O'Sullivan
Digital Strategist, Creator and Founder

Leanne has been sharing her knowledge and the power of the web, social media and search optimisation with our clients for well over a decade. An accomplished public speaker, digital strategist and creative thinker, Leanne enjoys empowering people with the skills and knowledge to make their business an online success!

Presented by Leanne O'Sullivan

Course Curriculum

Welcome to your Digital Compass
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Let's get started FREE
The Digital Compass Welcome and Overview FREE
What's involved in the Digital Compass (and what do we cover at Basecamp for the Digital Ascent) FREE
Basecamp Downloads FREE
Customer Personas FREE
What's a Customer Persona and how do I know what mine are? FREE
Business Goals & the Digital Model Canvas FREE
How to install your Google Analytics Dashboard FREE
What's your brand personality? FREE
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